复制代码 代码如下:

SELECT Name FROM Master..SysDatabases ORDER BY Name –获得所有数据库

SELECT Name FROM [数据库名]..SysObjects Where XType=’U’ ORDER BY Name –获得数据库下的所有表

select name from syscolumns where id=object_id(N’表名’) –获得表里的所有字段


复制代码 代码如下:

select as 字段,syscolumns.isnullable as 可否为空, as SQL类型,

ISNULL(sys.identity_columns.is_identity,0) as 递增,

ISNULL(sys.extended_properties.value,”) as 描述 from sysobjects

join syscolumns on =

join systypes on syscolumns.xusertype = systypes.xusertype

left join sys.identity_columns on sys.identity_columns.object_id =

and sys.identity_columns.column_id = syscolumns.colid

left join sys.extended_properties on sys.extended_properties.major_id =

and sys.extended_properties.minor_id = syscolumns.colid

where = ‘表名’

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